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S2 & Q5 Digital Filters

Edel S2 digital filter

S2 module


The S2 platform delivers stunning studio-master-quality sound in consumer electronic devices, unlocking the high-definition enter­tainment experience for today’s and future next-generation high-resolution discs. S2 combines the state-of-the-art Q5 Upsampling, a proprietary multi-dac scrambling algorithm, and a high-performance DAC architecture. S2 can also be combined with TimeLock ultra-low jitter master clock resulting in unparalleled audio fidelity in the playback of high-definition audio content from today’s SACD, DVD-Audio, and HDMI audio sources that is also future proof for the next generation of HD-DVD and Blu-ray disks.


  • High performance 384kHz 2-Channel Upsampler integrates state-of-the-art Q5 Upsampling and Sonic scrambling technology
  • Scalable audio performance CD, SACD to DVD-Audio
  • Processes DSD input streams for high definition audio support
  • Excellent jitter attenuation with high quality local clock
  • Scrambling technology significantly improves linearity for high definition audio sources such as SACD/DVD-Audio
  • 384kHz upsampled digital output drives 4 DAC’s in twin dual mono mode
  • Controllable via SPI command interface


Evaluation board

Evaluation board for S2 module is available. Please contact us for more information.


Edel Q5 digital filter

OverviewQ5 module

The Q5 module creates spacious, richly detailed sound from any digital audio source. It offers significant improvement in terms of performance, flexibility, and compatibility with audio formats over previous generations and is based on a state-of-the-art asynchronous sample rate converter kernel which provides superior imaging and jitter rejection, industry leading 384kHz conversion, and SACD pro­cessing. Support for both DSD and PCM audio data formats up to 24bit / 192kHz is provided and dual 384kHz capable DAC’s in dual mono-mode configuration can be driven at the same time as a downsampled digital output.


  • High resolution 384kHz 2-Channel Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter
    integrates state-of-the-art Q5™ Upsampling technology
  • Scalable audio performance from CD, SACD to DVD-Audio
  • Processes 1bit DSD input streams for high definition audio support
  • Automatic detection of the input-to-output sampling ratio
  • Excellent jitter attenuation with high quality local clock
  • Configurable output word length reduction and mute functions
  • Upsampled digital output drives 2 DACs in dual mono-mode with additional
    direct-downsampled output port available for driving digital transmitter
  • Controllable via SPI command interface